How to White List an email

Whitelist Instructions:

(adding someone to your safe sender list)


– In Gmail, click on the Settings cog/icon in the top, right corner and go to Settings.
– Select the Filters tab from the choices that load.
– Click on Create a new filter, near the bottom of this area.
– In the From field, add my email address “”
– Click the “Next Step” or “Create Filter” button.
– Check the box next to “Never send it to spam”, and then also check the box next to “Categorize” and select “Primary” to avoid my emails going into your promotions folder.
– Click “Create Filter”.
You’re Done!

Outlook email:

– In outlook, click on the Settings cog in the top-right corner and select Options.
– Go to Mail, then down to Junk Email.
– Click on Safe Senders.
– Enter my email address and hit enter or click on the plus sign.
– Click Save.
You’re Done!

Otherwise, there is a high chance that my emails will end up in your junk folder or the promotions tab and we don’t want you missing anything!