Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need custom artwork?


When there is competition offering the same product or services, you need every advantage you can get to stay ahead! Custom artwork is a powerful marketing tool since it’s tailored to your needs and it portrays your strengths and benefits in a clear, friendly and impressive way.

Why should I choose JP Global to create my custom artwork?


We offer quality designs at extremely competitive prices. All our work matches or exceeds the quality provided for large corporations, yet our prices are only a fraction of the cost. Our highly skilled, experienced and attentive designers will work with you throughout the entire design process until the artwork fulfills all your expectations.

Is all the work handled through the Internet?


The flexibility provided by Internet work is very important to our success. All basic designs and revised drafts are submitted to you via e-mail for evaluation and feedback, or posted on a page in our server for your convenience. However if you happen to be in the Greater Tampa Bay area, we would gladly meet with you personally. The US Mail is always an alternative communication option as well. Note that you can always talk with someone at JP Global by calling 727-808-6199.

How will I be able to use my custom artwork?


We will provide you with all the files in the format of your choice by sending them to you via e-mail or by mailing you a CD that contains all the information.

What if I am not satisfied with the work?


If you have purchased a design package with unlimited revisions, you can simply request the design to be revised again. If your solution includes a limited number of revisions, you can pay a small fee for an extra set of concepts or another revision.

How much does it cost to get custom artwork and what are your payment terms?


The actual price varies for each project. You can request a quote for free. We request a 50% down payment of the total price to start working on the design, the remaining balance upon completion, before the delivery of the final files. We accept Paypal, business and personal checks.

How long does it take?


High-Quality, Fast-Turn-Around, Great-Price. (Pick two)

I want my logo to be incorporated into my custom brochure. Can it be done?


Of course! All the material you provide will be integrated into your project.

I want to update the brochure you created for me for the next season / year / event! How much would it cost?


Each project is unique. If you know the exact changes that will be made, we can give you accurate pricing for the changes.

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