Point of Purchase (POP)

What is POP or POS?

Point of Purchase (POP) is any part of a store where a customer engages with your product. They exist separate from the standard products on the shelf and insert themselves into the shopper’s path in the store.

Point of Sale (POS) is at the actual register line because this is the point that the buyer has given over their money and completed the sale.

Point of purchase displays have been shown to increase sales at retail as much as 20 percent!

Benefits of POP displays

  • Catch the Customer’s Eye

    Using bigger mediums such as a cardboard display or hanging shelf sign to accompany your product increases the chance that a buyer will notice it.

  • Supplement Your Packaging

    In addition to making your brand easier to spot, they allow you more space to better educate buyers on the unique value that your product offers.

  • Strategically Locate Your Products

    Often free-standing or attachments, POPs can fit on the ends of shelves. You’re no longer getting squeezed in on the corner somewhere low on the shelf, but instead can be right in the middle of high traffic areas within the store. This is also a great way to get your brand next to any complementary products or competitors even if traditional shelf space isn’t available.

  • Help Your Retailer Merchandize Your Products

    By providing a display along with your product, you are able to dictate exactly how you want your brand advertised within the store, saving both you and your retailers a lot of trouble.

  • Be More Cost Effective

    It’s easier to target to a more relevant audience who can be immediately impacted by your advertising

  • Target Impulse Buyers

    If shoppers are already making a purchase, there’s a better chance they’ll add something new onto it.

POP Examples!

  • Arcade Games
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Dump Bins
  • Free Standing Displays
  • End Caps
  • Floor Graphics